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Become a volunteer, get to know your neighbors, and help grow our community!

     We are delighted that you are interested in volunteering. Volunteers can become service providers for our members and choose to help with:

•    rides to local appointments and events (note that the vast majority of our requests are for weekday rides),
•    absent owner services (such as watering plants or picking up packages),
•    light home maintenance tasks (like getting on ladders to change lightbulbs or lifting items), 
•    limited technical assistance for computers and other devices (whatever you are familiar with)
•    occasional non-medical respite care for primary caregivers,
•    medical notetaking (accompanying members to doctor visits),
•    friendly check-ins (phone calls and/or visits),
•    home repair "companion" to keep you company while a third party repairperson is in your home,
•    garbage can placement (pulling cans to curb and back),
•    limited snow removal (at stairs, porch or path to car so member can exit safely).

       Volunteering is a wonderful way to contribute to your community.  It is not necessary to be a member or be over 50 years old to volunteer.  Residents of areas outside BMAV boundaries may apply to serve BMAV members as volunteer service providers. Many of our members are also volunteer service providers for other members. 
      You can choose how and when you want to volunteer by responding only to those requests that are of interest or fit your schedule.   

      Out of respect for our members, in order to become a volunteer service provider you must first participate in a training and undergo a background check. Please see our vetting requirements and volunteer application form here:
     Our members also have many other ways to volunteer with BMAV:
Join a committee - help with programs, fundraising, finance, membership or volunteer outreach
Take photos or videos at our events
Draft event write-ups or newsletter articles
Help with graphic design or layout for communications                     
Host a small group meetup in your home
Host a larger event
Plan village events
Organize a book club or other Shared Interest Group                                      
Solicit local merchants for donations           
Serve as liaison with your block or building
Identify and recruit new members  
Speak on an area of your expertise
Assist with graphic design or website updates

And many more

      Please contact us to let us know what interests you!  Just email us at or call 240-630-2628 and we will get you all the info you need.